The Masseuses who are soothing Humanity through their power of Touch

Published on: 18 Jan, 2021

Do you want to pamper your body after a tiring week?
Can a Masseuse become your best buddy?
What is the secret to relieving your chronic pain?

When you want to celebrate and indulge yourself after the deal is done or looking for a way to relax your body or simply chill on a lazy Sunday- a massage could be the perfect weekend getaway for your mind and body. Therapy could be the answer to all your prayers and solution to the pain in your life. Massage therapy is one of the oldest healing and wellness mechanisms. Apart from the most common benefit of relaxation, it helps in improving oxygen levels, providing better blood circulation, relieving pain, and is used for numerous medical conditions.

Today we want to proudly introduce you to three massage therapists who are visually impaired but will ensure that you will say goodbye to all the pain in your life. These individuals are impacting multiple lives every single day and touching lives through their simplicity.

Surendra Shinde - A Health enthusiast turned yoga instructor and massage therapist

Surendra Shinde - A Health enthusiast turned yoga instructor and massage therapist

Leading with massage therapy to heal you.

A seventy-year-old lady with a severe case of knee arthritis had the only option of surgery in front of her. However, she did not want to go down that path and Surendra took it upon himself to help her. Earlier, she couldn’t even get up from her bed, but now she can walk and do all her daily work with ease. A health enthusiast who started as a yoga instructor and is now a massage therapist, Surendra has saved numerous patients from a pain-filled life in his past 3 years of work experience. He uses his heightened sense of touch, which proves to be an added advantage in terms of diagnosis and healing. Surendra considers the complements of his patients as his biggest achievement and the force that drives him every day.

No matter how small the chances of recovery are, let Surendra Shinde work his magic. Book the services of Surendra and give a soothing treat to your body here!

Nisha - The promise of a positive and relaxing experience

Nisha - The promise of a positive and relaxing experience

“I am happy I found you”, these were the words of one of Nisha’s patients suffering from arthritis. Even when medicine couldn’t prove very helpful, it was her therapy and guidance that eased the pain and made it possible for the patient to walk again. These words are not limited to any one case but resonate with every single one of Nisha’s patients. Nisha Naveen solves the problems of her patients with joy and spreads her positive energy all around. Along with being with her patients to help them recover physically, she takes it a step further and also lends her ears to their problems and helps them emotionally as well.

Let Nisha’s positivity flow in you and heal you. Hire her here!

Mayur - Taking challenges Head on

Mayur - Taking challenges Head on

Helping people be their most relaxed selves.

A sports enthusiast, Mayur gives his 100% to each of his cases. His topmost concern is always the wellbeing of his patients. After completing his massage therapy course, he has now been practicing for a year and a half. And is working to reduce the stress from your life and give you the relaxing experience you deserve. This becomes possible due to the increased blood circulation and the release of endorphins that happens because of a massage. He finds his inspiration in one of his teachers who has not only paved a way towards employment for himself but has held the doors open for others to follow. And that’s exactly what Mayur hopes to do, grow but also take others along on this journey of growth. Challenges are something that he feels are part of every single job and have a very heads-on approach to tackle them.

Witness Mayur’s skills and dedication turn your problems into relief. Book him here!

Treat yourself from the comfort and privacy of your home; book our talented masseuse for a home session today! Let us deliver a calming and relaxing massage session to your doorstep.

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(DISCLAIMER: The different experiences shared above are just that, experience. We do not claim in any way that massage therapy is an alternate treatment for any ailments.)

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