Turning Adversity into Art through Graphic Designing

Published on: 21 Jan, 2021

Can an individual on the autism spectrum create the perfect logo?
How does the vision of the clients materialize into actual designs?
Can Individuals with partial hearing impairment communicate ideas on creativity and innovation?

Graphic designing is a skill that combines art and technology and focuses on communicating a message through visual content. We, at Atypical Advantage, provide you with an opportunity to connect with graphic designers who create designs that are interesting and appealing to all. From logos and brochures to T-Shirt designs, whatever be your need our talents have got all of it covered.

So without further ado, let’s have a sneak peek into the lives of 3 fabulous Graphic Designers who have been harnessing their skills for years. Starting from Abdul who resides in God’s own country — Kerala and then moving upwards to the city of illusion — Mumbai to meet Usaid and ultimately halting our journey at the capital of India to check on Pranav Bakhshi.

ABDUL SHUKOOR K M: From a learner to a teacher

ABDUL SHUKOOR K M: From a learner to a teacher

Abdul Shukoor K M is a talented and experienced graphic designer. He is an extremely creative designer of brochures, magazines, instruction manuals, logos, 3D animations, and visual images for product illustration. He has gathered lots of experience and skills while working in this field with a strong background in 3D Max Studio, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop software, and other designing applications. He has even trained around 50 students in skills like graphic designing, videography, and basics of printing technology in a community service centers and IT centers in Kerala which were sponsored and supported by Javad K. Hassan Foundation and One Global Economy Corporation. His biggest challenge has been communication with clients which he has been able to overcome with time and experience of 13 years in this field and by the constant support of his spouse. He never steps back and is always willing to take challenges to satisfy the requirements of his clients.

Looking for an experienced and skilled graphic designer? Get the perfect custom design with Abdul Shukoor K M.

USAID SHAIKH: The wizard of graphic designing

USAID SHAIKH: The wizard of graphic designing

Usaid Shaikh is a freelance graphic designer from Mumbai. He has won numerous awards for his exceptional talents and skills. He was diagnosed with autism in his early childhood and since then, he started using art and sketches as a means of communication. He has been a versatile visual learner who goes to all extent to learn what he loves. Being a visual learner, his biggest challenge while learning graphic designing has been to understand verbal instructions. He used to record the lessons and go back to them multiple times to learn in a better way. His hard work paid him well and he went on to work even in a professional setup with big names like Big Bazaar and Forum for Autism. He has designed t-shirts, mugs, tea coasters, fridge magnets, bookmarks, logos, labels, product graphics, event flyers, cover pages, and back covers. Usaid found out his passion and worked towards it. He believes it is perfectly okay to be different and we all are imperfectly perfect.

Looking for someone who could think outside the box? Usaid Shaikh can help!

PRANAV BAKHSHI: The creative superhero

PRANAV BAKHSHI: The creative superhero

Pranav Bakhshi is a graphic designer from South Delhi. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 years old. He says Autism is his superpower and he has always learned from his experiences. He is an amiable and thoughtful young man who is caring and polite. He is pursuing a three and a half year Graphic Designing diploma course. He loves the creative and dynamic space which graphic designing creates. His diligent and sincere approach to learning helps him overcome all the challenges. He has expertise in converting photographs into vectors. He has a venture called ‘PranavBakhshi Creations’ of designing trays and coasters, which have been loved and praised widely. He is adept in skills of creating logos, illustrations, banners, pamphlets, photoshop designs, GIFs. He is a very hardworking and ambitious graphic designer who aspires to become independent and happy.

Want to get high-quality designs for your needs? Connect with Pranav Bakhshi who can bring your ideas to life.

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