We’ve got your Christmas covered!

Published on: 24 Dec, 2020

The spirit of Christmas lies in spreading happiness and the delight of spending time with your loved ones. This Christmas, the Atypical family brings to you the story of NGOs which are making all efforts to bring smiles to the faces of young people who aspire to contribute in crafting products and make the best of their abilities.

You might like the products manufactured by giant corporations, but the happiness these young people will feel when you purchase their products will be unmatched. The satisfaction you will receive with the products and with the fact that you helped bring joy to these young talents will be immeasurable. No matter where we are in life, goodwill and the heartfelt warmth is what the world counts on. So, this Christmas, let’s put on our Santa caps and make this festival more merry for these talented people and for ourselves as well.

Priyanka is 21 years old, and is a very efficient ward. She enjoys working at Kshitij. She loves dancing and befriending new people, but her doting for making chocolates is unrivalled. She makes exceptional chocolates and works well even with little supervision. At such a young age, we’re proud of Priyanka for doing what she loves and making extraordinary efforts at being the best chocolate chef!

Dipen has dyslexia and learns slowly. Despite all the hardships, he makes amazing chocolates and stencil paintings. He has been a part of Kshitj for more than 15 years. We can guarantee the fact that his chocolates will definitely taste better than the ones we usually buy at the store because all his yummy batch of chocolates are made with love and care.

DipenPriyanka & Dipen

Suraj Suresh is a 24-year-old person with autism. After several years of special education, his unwavering determination did not leave his side and his love for weaving was recognized. He was then trained to weave mats and stoles. We might calm our nerves through music, drawing or yoga, but intriguingly, weaving helps him stay calm and relaxed. Imagine how passionately he must be making these mats and stoles. The sheer perseverance he displays as he sits on the machine and weaves for hours.

Suraj SureshSuraj Suresh

Anjali is a quick learner who works with utmost dedication. Her products are evidence of her attention to detail and her hard work as she stays focused at work. A caring person at heart, you will never find a helper quite like Anjali as she never refuses to offer her help to those who need it. She actively takes initiatives at her own free will and believes in sustaining affable relations with her co-workers. Such a friendly and warm soul, Anjali will be overjoyed to hear that the products she made with all her heart were bought by kind people like you.


Manoj is a very fun-loving and joyous person. His ability to learn and grasp all concepts with ease shows how much he loves to learn new things every day. Manoj believes in completing all his work sincerely and on time. Such a hard worker, he makes all the products with love and affection. At the centre, he is involved in making paper bags, labelling items, packaging spices among other tasks. We cannot even begin to describe how delighted he’ll be to know that people like you and me love his products and will be using the spices to make delicacies in this festive season!


Their child-like spirit and zest for life will make even the Grinch fall in love with Christmas! These NGOs have such talented and relentless people who work super hard to make highly useful and beautiful items which can be great gifts for your friends and family!

So, this Christmas, you have a chance to become Santa in the lives of these children by buying the products they make with sincere effort and giving them to your loved ones! You can opt to buy anything from the listed items in our store as they will be great gifts for your friends and family.

CH- Chocolates


R- Rugs


I- Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks

S- Soaps


T- Tray and Coasters

Tray and CoastersTray and Coasters

M- Mats


A- Ayurvedic Honey

Ayurvedic Honey

S- Seasonings


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