An Inclusive Society: 5 Ways To Support Persons with Disabilities.

Published on: 09 Jan, 2021

When CXOs to International Buyers in California came forward to support a tiny website which had not even been completed a month and Hollywood casting Directors and India INC hired talents with disabilities, serendipity worked in inexplicable ways. In our initial days, we got got volunteers from Ireland, Sri Lanka to remote parts of India and this Blog is an answer to, “How can we all contribute to making this world more inclusive?"

As a famous Mahatma Gandhi saying goes, “ The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”



Atypical Advantage is trying to make our society more accepting and inclusive of people with disabilities. We are a talent platform where people with disabilities can sign themselves up in any talent category they see fit and also make a living by listing the products or paintings they make. Individuals and giant corporations can browse through our website to hire talent for shows, virtual events and full-time jobs. 


Here are 5 ways in which you can join the 'Atypical Revolution' and support Persons with Disabilities: 

Here are 5 ways in which you can join the 'Atypical Revolution' and support Persons with Disabilities:

  1. If you know a person with a disability, reach out to them. People may not be aware of the website because of a lack of technology or the information might not have reached them yet. Being a privileged person, with adequate access to technology and resources, you can inform them about this platform and urge them to sign up. You can explain the process of signing up to them via this blog. You can also help them in setting up their profile and write a professional bio for them. If you go through our website, 50 per cent of the bios written on our website were written by volunteers and you too could be one. By merely facilitating listing, you are giving wide access to corporate/individuals to hire and increase their chances of generating livelihood.
  2. If you work in a giant corporation, reach out to your HR department and ask them to hire people from atypical People who have signed up for the platform are very talented and are constantly looking for employment opportunities. If MNCs take a step towards inclusivity and hire people with disabilities, it would be the start of a revolution and more people will come forward to employ the services of such talented people.
  3. If you know a person with a disability who makes amazing products/paintings reach out to them. Inform them about the platform and explain the process of getting listed to them. They can get their products and paintings listed on the platform and people can buy them from the website. Individuals can even commission paintings from artists, so creating a profile on the platform will be very beneficial for artists as well as entrepreneurs. The Store and Atypical Art vertical on the website will help them in sustaining their livelihood by selling the products they make with their hard work. Drop a mail to & we will take care of the rest
  4. If you have a talent and are willing to help people in polishing their skills, sign up to be a mentor! Mentor Circle is an innovative step in the direction of helping people master a skill with the help of experts of the same skills. You can sign up to become a mentor and provide guidance to people who want to enhance and improve their skills. In this way, you can make use of your skills and talents to further others’ inclination towards prowess. This will lead to the collective development of the mentor and the mentee.
  5. You can lend a helping hand by contributing to the cause and/or volunteering with us as a content writer, talent scouter, talent caretaker, corporate outreach or social media lead. By signing up as a volunteer, you can serve us in ways you decide to opt for and assist people with disabilities.

Join us in this revolution to bring a change and help us in any way you wish. everyone can be great at giving and we would always prefer your contribution in terms of time but if you still want to help us with the currency of money, you could do this here.

Atypical Advantage is India’s first Talent platform for People with Disabilities. Explore our website to hire diverse talent, shop for products made by people with disabilities, and browse through exquisitely curated art. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, read more about us on our blog, sign up for mentorship, volunteer with us or feel free to contribute here.

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