The Teachings from The FountainHead which corporates are yet to grasp

Published on: 02 Jan, 2021

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see,” Ayn Rand wrote this in her Magnus opus The FountainHead which was rejected by 23 publishers before finally making it to the shelves in 1943.

Now shift your focus to corporates, event management firms, Ad Agencies, or Marketing Departments; you would see they ‘capitalize’ every opportunity. They have capitalized on the skills of a beautiful woman to sell everything from cars to fairness creams. They have capitalized on polar ideas to generate publicity. They have used celebrities to build trust for untrustworthy products. You must be wondering if there is anything they have never tried to capitalize?

Do you believe in Abilities?

Suppose we tell them to hire a model for their product shoot or fashion show, the obvious choices would be in accordance with the product they are trying to sell. Most probably a woman with a fair complexion and a slim body type, which is a general standard to represent beauty. A dark complexion is perceived as ‘ugly’ and a heavy body type is seen as unattractive. For some who like to flaunt the inclusive and diverse nature of their company, they would do campaigns using the “alternate beauty” as a strategy for yet another marketing gimmick. And if they were to hire a model with a disability, it would be another sympathy or publicity stunt for once and not because they believe in an inclusive society for every human being. At the core, the question to be answered is “Do you believe in the abilities of people?”

Not for sympathy but for their Abilities

What if we tell them to hire a Graphic Designer for creating their next logo who is on the Autism spectrum? What if we tell them to have a dashing model for their next product shoot without making a fuss about her disability? How about having a Sign Language specialist so that folks in the deaf community could also understand their Brand? Maybe a piece of art made by a boy with an Intellectual disability? What If we ask you to do your voice-overs by a blind artist? What If we ask you to have a magician with a hearing disability for your next corporate extravaganza?

All of these are not just once a year practice but for all occasions. Not for sympathy but for their abilities. Not for PR but as a way of celebrating Human differences.

Now the obvious questions:

  • Where can we find such diverse talents?
  • Do you think voice modulation is possible for a Blind individual?
  • Can people with disabilities dance?
  • How can I trust Talent with Disability for such a grand event?

We are here is the world’s first Talent platform for individuals with disabilities where you would find stunning models, skilled voice over artists, skilled Graphic Designers and soulful singers for all your events and requirements. Maybe you could also find some marvelous painting or a magician to spellbind your audience. The essence of the platform is to focus on the abilities and potential of humans from a community.

Would you consider them?

Consider Pranav Bakshi, India’s first model on the Autism spectrum to walk with Denims for United Colours of Benetton or Sagar Kapoor who is an accomplished singer with blindness who was also selected for Sa Re Ga Ma or Pooja Bodas who is an incredible painter with Hearing disability and numerous accolades to her name. Disability does not matter when your hard work speaks for itself. The platform gives you the flexibility to choose the Talent in different categories as per your requirement. So, you could see the portfolio of a Graphic designer or select from several Hearing Interpreters for making your events accessible. I know it is tough to even imagine people with disabilities having talent but just head to to see it for yourself.

Pranav BakshiSagar KapporPooja Bodas

And for a moment imagine yourself if you are Howard Roark from The Fountainhead and not that CXO of a Fortune 500 corporation, not a creative copywriter in that Agency, nor the Boss of the event management firm, but Mr. Howard Roark and you are asked this question on hiring Atypical Talent by your clients, customers and internal stakeholders: “Do you mean to tell me that you’re thinking of doing that way? My dear fellow, who will let you?”

Mr. Roark would answer:

“Ah! That’s not the point. The point is who will stop me?”

Atypical Advantage is Planet’s first Talent platform for People with Disabilities. Explore our website to hire diverse talent, shop for products made by people with disabilities, browse through exquisitely curated art. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, read more about us on our blog, sign up for mentorship, volunteer with us or feel free to contribute here.

Until next time,
Your Atypical Buddy!

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