Surprise your Valentine with a Picture Perfect Portrait made by Artists with Disabilities!

Published on: 09 Feb, 2022

When we are in love, we see our loved one with a lens of perfection. In our eyes, they can do no wrong, and they are the most beautiful person we have ever met. But we can never seem to understand how to get them to see just how magnificent they are. 

Love is indeed all things beautiful, cheery and magical. So, what if we told you that we can help you in capturing that eternal beauty on a piece of paper and keep it with you forever? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, how about presenting your Valentine with a gift that will let them know just how much you love and cherish them?


This Valentine’s day, Atypical Advantage presents to you 7 super talented artists who are waiting for an opportunity to dazzle you with a stunning portrait of your special someone. You can choose a medium of your choice out of the 4 options available and also choose the artist whose style you like the most!


Upside Down Portrait — Ajay Jayaprakash — ₹2699


Upside Down Portrait — Ajay Jayaprakash

Upside-down painting/drawing is usually done to trick your brain into painting the actual details your eyes see instead of what your brain thinks parts should look like.

Ajay Jayaprakash had a normal life with small ups and downs but was living happily until he met with a tragedy which changed his life, views and values forever. It was a bike accident which made him lose his leg. He was thrown into a deep void mentally and he never really thought he could bring his life back to normal. Art is something close to his heart. He specializes in painting portraits upside down, a skill for which he has been widely appreciated. South Indian superstar Prithviraj is amongst those who had lauded his skills.

Doesn’t matter if life is smooth sailing like a lake, or tumultuous as a mighty river, your Valentine will always be there with you, so commission a truly wonderful upside down portrait for them here.


Watch this talented artist in action, making an upside down portrait here.


Digital Portrait — Anjan Satish — ₹4999

Digital Portrait — Anjan Satish

Anjan has overcome numerous obstacles to be where he is today. With cerebral palsy, he dealt with speech, hearing and vision impairments. However, this did not limit his potential or stop him from beating the odds. His colorful world and optimistic mindset resonates in every piece of art he makes. He specializes in Digital Portraits, which are a great way to create artwork that’s expressive using image manipulation techniques and a stylus to create a one of a kind artwork inside image editing and digital drawing software.

Dive in the world of digital colors and sketches with a digital portrait. Commission it here.


Acrylic Painting Portrait — Basil Joseph Varghese and Vyshak Ettukudukka — ₹15999 onwards

Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile mediums, and one of the least toxic and it dries into a flexible, water-resistant, and durable surface to which subsequent layers of paint can be added without disturbing the underlying layers. Acrylic Portraits look most life-like and detailed.


Basil Joseph Varghese is a 23 year old person who has Asperger’s syndrome which comes under the Autism Spectrum Disorders. His love for painting and drawing is quite evident. For the past seven years, he has been learning the art as well. Basil loves to watch movies and listen to music. A caring and gentle soul, Basil finds happiness when people appreciate and recognize his talent. He is overjoyed whenever someone purchases his painting.

Acrylic Painting Portrait — Basil Joseph Varghese and Vyshak Ettukudukka


Vyshak Ettukudukka was born in Kerala, as a healthy baby but without both hands. Even with 

his unfortunate physical condition, little Vyshak was a charming and pleasant boy in his childhood. Besides the school exhibitions, his paintings were selected for the art show of ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Now he is a professional artist.

Vyshak Ettukudukka

You could give life to your valentine till eternity by picking the Rockstar Basil or inspiring Vyshak here.


Charcoal Pencil Portrait —Varun Naren and Swaminathan Manivannan — ₹1899 onwards

Charcoal portraits are made with charcoal pencils which are designed to be similar to graphite pencils while maintaining most of the properties of charcoal, they are often used for fine and crisp detailed drawings, while keeping the user’s hand from being marked.


Varun Naren is a 20 year old young adult with FragileX syndrome, a single gene cause of autism and most common inherited cause of intellectual disability. Art is Varun’s medium of expression and emotions. He enjoys drawing with music. He loves bright colors and likes to blend oil pastels as they turn into beautiful colors and shades.

Charcoal Pencil Portrait —Varun Naren and Swaminathan Manivannan


The journey of 29 years of being an artist started at the age of 5, and even today Swaminathan Manivannan is equally passionate about his art. He will never take off his pen until and unless he finishes his artwork, come what may. All of Swaminathan’s artwork has his unique style of a perceptual slant added to it. His artwork adorns murals, corporate offices, logos, letterheads, etc. In fact the visiting card and letterhead of the Chess Grandmaster, Viswanathan Anand has Swaminathan’s artwork.

 Viswanathan Anand has Swaminathan’s artwork.

Ignite the charcoal this Valentine’s by choosing between incredible Varun or the unique Swami here.


They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

In that case, perfection unfolds differently for all.

Let your Perfect Valentine be captured forever in a beautifully custom-made portrait.

A gift that keeps on giving, just like your Portrait Perfect Valentine!

Atypical Advantage is the planet's first talent platform for people with disabilities and is triggering massive livelihood across India with dignity. 


Click here to commission a portrait for your loved one!


*All prices are inclusive of taxes, shipping and handling, Certificate of Appreciation and a beautiful Golden Gift box.



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