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8 powerful ways on how leading Brands are harnessing the Atypical Advantage

Published on: 22 Dec, 2021

Brands like Amazon, Arvind Limited, Thoughtworks, Barclays, Anarock, ReNew Power, The Man Company, Synchrony, Tata Steel and 25+ leading Brands have stepped up and started on this revolution for inclusion. 1500+ Employees have been entertained by performers with Disabilities which sensitizes teams and leaves you with respect towards performers with disabilities across the nation. It also gives them a dignified livelihood and the opportunity that they truly deserve. Let’s look at interesting ways on how some of the leading Brands have tried to harness the Atypical Advantage for their customers, employees, vendors and the society to make the world a more inclusive place.

  1. Arvind Limited showcased a Wedding commercial with a tinge of Inclusion!

Sachin Shetty, who has Muscular Dystrophy, was acting for the first time for a campaign video for Arvind Limited, but his talent left everyone at the shoot awestruck. Nobody could believe it was his first time in front of the camera. He received praise for his incredible acting abilities and humble attitude. Watch his heartwarming testimonial here and click here to watch the campaign video. The CMO of Arvind Limited appreciated Sachin’s talent and said, “Sachin was brilliant! We were all blown away by his sincerity, genuineness and the fact that he is truly a great actor! Best wishes to him and Atypical Advantage!” 

  1. Anarock and Tata Steel helped their employees unwind with a comedy session!

Anarock and Tata Steel organized a hilarious stand up show for their hard working employees by Abhay Kumar Sharma. The audience laughed their hearts out as Abhay showcased his humorous wit and hilarious observations. The way he turned his struggles with the society into jokes and just mere anecdotes shows how strong willed and magnanimous he is.

  1. Indegene hired a voice over Artist with Visual disability for their Global Induction Module 

They hired Ashish Chawla to lend his voice for the Global Induction Process of the company. The HR Onboarding during the Induction has been converted into e-modules and the entire 1 hour training is now equipped with the voice over for a smooth experience for all its employees.

  1. The Man Company made their message heard even to people with hearing disabilities!

The Man Company took their first step towards inclusion by making their brand AV accessible for all. Their endeavor to make their message heard was outstanding. Even Gentlemen with hearing disabilities could hear with their hearts and connect with the brand’s ideology. They hired a sign language interpreter, Somiya Tiwari from Atypical Advantage, so that everyone can understand their message and vision. Watch the viral AV here

  1. The United Nations Development Programme booked 3 outstanding performers for their V-Awards Celebration!

Our talented artists mesmerized the audience at the International V-Awards 2021, which were organized by the United Nations Development Programme. Navya Rose Thomas, Divya Shankar and Raj Jain bewitched the audience with their spellbinding performances. Navya sang the popular Bollywood song “Badal pe paoh hai” and popular English song "Scars to your Beautiful''. Raj Jain gave life to songs like "Lakshya" and "Aashayein". Divya Shankar stole hearts with her graceful performance on "Krishnani Begani Paro''. Watch their stunning performances in the awards ceremony here

  1. With the help of a model with a learning disability, Amazon demonstrates how they made lives easier with their Alexa Device. 

With a great initiative to make people’s lives easier, Amazon launched Alexa. Moreover, to show how the device has impacted and helped people with disabilities, the new advertisement for Amazon’s Alexa device featured the young and beautiful Tarini Chadha, who has a learning disability. This way, they reached out to more people and showcased how their product is an asset to all members of society. Watch the advertisement here

  1. Synchrony’s global audience lauded the effortless performances by Sheetal and Anjan! 

We received heartwarming appreciation for our talented magician Sheetal and awe-inspiring artist Anjan Sathish for their incredible performances at the Employee Engagement Event for Synchrony. Anjan drew a live caricature of one of their employees. The event was a big hit and even the global employees of their company were stunned at the talent showcased by people with disabilities. The live caricature made by Anjan is attached below. 

  1. Thoughtworks enthralled their employees with performances by Shibani and Ritvik!

Stunning performances by Shibani Ghosh and Ritvik Rajan left the employees of Thoughtworks speechless. They organized the event to mark celebrations for International Day for Persons with Disabilities. Shibani and Ritvik sang popular songs and soothed the audience with their voice. Watch their swaying performances here

Whether it is the leading grooming brand The Man Company making its viral Ad Accessible, Tech Consultancy Thoughtworks booking singers with disabilities for their event, Fashion Brand Arvind launching Sachin Shetty for a heartwarming wedding commercial, Steel leader Tata Steel spreading smiles with Abhay Sharma, IT Major Synchrony being stunned by Anjan at the Global Townhall, Pharma heavyweight Indegene availing services of the voice over Artist Ashish Chawla, United Nations booking Dancers for their award functions or the E-commerce leader Amazon booking Tarini for it’s product shoot; possibilities of booking performers with disabilities are immense.

We hope more Brands come forward to give opportunities to Performers with Disabilities and deepen Inclusion in their own ways. Find 700+ Talents with Disabilities at Atypical Advantage and visit here to book your first show. The Atypical Team takes care of the entire end to end process from Talent profiling, Backend Tech support, Event curation and execution on the day of the event so that you can have a smooth experience.

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