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Meet the 6 enthralling Artists with Disabilities who would move the Galleria Mall

Published on: 12 Aug, 2021

Can a paint brush be an instrument for raising awareness?

Which is the space to witness the abilities of Artists with disabilities?

What special could you do for your country this Independence day?

How can you win a mesmerizing canvas to reimagine your house?


The Galleria Mall, Yelahanka together with Atypical Advantage in Bengaluru is taking a novel step to raise awareness about Global Warming on India’s 75th Independence Day. This one of a kind event will feature 6 stunning artists as they paint the canvas live in front of the shoppers at the mall in an endeavor to let people see for themselves the talent and skills of people with disabilities. Each artist has chosen a theme to focus upon out of the broader topic of Global Warming and we hope it radically raises awareness on this critical subject.


Sravani Ramachandran has a spinal cord injury and is a juvenile artist, pursuing her art interest ardently post her accident. She has primarily been working on oil paintings and pen work. Her artwork will highlight the impact of Excessive Plastic Garbage.

Sridhar Rangarajan is on the Autism Spectrum, and was honored for his Best Paintings as an artist in India Inclusion Summit 2018 by KS Chitra and TV Gopalakrishana. His artwork will feature Forest Fire as the foe.

Ajay Jayaprakash had an accident which made him turn to photography and painting for solace and overcome his locomotor disability. His painting will be focused on the Excessive Use of refrigerators and air conditioners. 

Jyothi K. Kumar, who has a hearing disability, had her talent recognized when she was just a toddler. Since then, there has been no stopping her. She will garner attention on the issue of Increasing vehicular and industrial pollution. 

Thyagraj likes to believe that his rich heritage and atmosphere filled with passionate art lovers made him fall in love with art as well. His locomotor disability did not hinder him from pursuing his one true love that is painting. His canvas will feature the issue of Overpopulation.

Aishwarya A is a professional animator. What started as a hobby for her is now her full time profession. She shares her passion with other people by conducting workshops and events. For this event, she will share her perspective on Deforestation through her artwork. 


As the passersby notice these artists with disabilities paint their canvas with such dedication and passion, they will realize the true potential of a person with disability wielding a paint brush. This event will help us take one big leap towards inclusion and paint the future with endless possibilities for growth and acceptance in the society. Furthermore, the shopaholics of Bengaluru can rejoice as the highest shoppers in terms of value will get to take the live painted canvas home! Talk about having a blast!


The shoppers at the Galleria Mall from 5 pm to 7 pm on Sunday will be in for another treat as they will also witness the Border Security Force serenade them with a mesmerizing band performance. 


What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars to witness history in the making! Show up at the Galleria Mall on Sunday to show your solidarity and support for artists with disabilities!

And as they say, be there or be square.