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The Greatest tribute to the Indian Republic which the world has never witnessed!

Published on: 20 Jan, 2022

What does freedom mean to you this Republic Day?

How can Artists with Disabilities give back to the country?

What can the largest Home Décor Brand do to spread the joy of Inclusion?

Diversity is India’s strength and pride. To encourage a creative outlook and showcasing of unity in Diversity, Pepperfry, the largest home décor brand of India, has joined hands with Atypical Advantage, the largest inclusive platform for people with Disabilities to kickstart a moving campaign that allows artists to paint their perspective of what freedom means to them on a canvas. 10 Artists with Disabilities from 10 different cities went to the Pepperfry studios to create masterpieces to commence India’s 73rd Republic Day.

Let’s see what the 10 artists with disabilities are up to in their quest for freedom and applaud their unique gesture.

Thyagraj paints a wondrous landscape, in the backdrop of our flag, that depicts signs of peace and harmony.

1. Thyagraj - Thyagraj resides in Bangalore. He has a Locomotor Disability. Growing up in an environment filled with a rich heritage of love and passion for art, he was always drawn towards painting. He approaches life with a positive attitude. Visit Studio Pepperfry - Furniture Store in Basavangudi, Bengaluru to view Thyagraj’s freedom perspective.  

A striking face with a smile glows in the tricolour in Shreekant’s imagination.

2. Shreekant Dubey - Shreekant Dubey belongs to Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. After an accident in 1984, he had to learn how to do things from his left hand. It took him around 8 years but with a drive to differentiate himself, he developed his own style of painting. He has successfully done 30+ individual exhibitions and numerous group shows. Shreekant painted his version of freedom at Studio Pepperfry - Furniture Store in JMD Regent Arcade Mall, Gurgaon.  

The painting shows how different brushstrokes can come together to create harmony.

3. Niyaz Hussain - Niyaz Hussain resides in New Delhi. He was just 2 years old when he was affected by Polio. Art, Sculpture making and Painting gave him company when he felt alone. Visit Studio Pepperfry - Furniture Store in South Extension Part II, Delhi to view Niyaz’s portrayal of freedom. 

A swirl of the tricolour around the Ashoka Chakra brings vividness to Akshay’s canvas.

4. Akshay Mathur - Akshay is 25 years old and resides in Chandigarh. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is interested in different art forms, including music, dance, singing, drawing, painting, photography and graphic designing. His paintings have been displayed in various art exhibitions. See Akshay’s incredible artwork atStudio Pepperfry - Furniture Store in Chandigarh.

Various handprints in saffron, white and green come together to make the national flag in Brian’s artwork.

5. Brian Varghese Pradeep - Brian Varghese Pradeep is 27 years old. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Brian paints still life and usually uses common things around the house as his objects. He has been painting for the past four years. Visit Studio Pepperfry - Panampilly Nagar, Kochi to witness Brian’s definition of freedom.

Different hues of the flag form a landscape as Debarghya paints freedom.

6. Debarghya Chaudhuri - He is an autistic teenager who found his calling in art at the age of 13. Over the last 3 years, he has participated in many exhibitions and his art has been appreciated by experts and audiences alike. Visit Studio Pepperfry - Furniture Store in JMD Megapolis, Gurugram. to see Debargya’s freedom artwork.

Devansh portrays the tricolour in dots that unite the flag.

7. Devansh Maurya - Devansh Maurya is a 19-year old Artist. He was diagnosed with severe Autism when he was 2 years and 6 months old. His mother taught him at home and realised that Devansh had a knack for colours and painting. Visit Studio Pepperfry - Furniture Store in Shivajinagar, Pune to view Devansh’s perspective on freedom.

A swarm of handprints in saffron, white and green depict the unity in diversity of our country.

8. Sahil Baghdadi - Sahil Baghdadi is a 30-year-old person with Autism, but that does not make him less able. He is a born artist and can replicate drawings and pictures. He is fond of bright colours and uses different mediums to enhance his paintings. Visit STUDIO PEPPERFRY to experience Sahil’s art piece. 

Our national bird shines with grace in Rupak’s artwork.

9. Rupak Manje - Rupak Munje is 25 years old, born with autism, and is being groomed to be a star performer. He has created more than 200 paintings, 38 shows in art galleries and online galleries. Visit Studio Pepperfry - Furniture Store in Nungambakkam, Chennai to see Rupak’s artistic magic.

Our national flag colours come together to celebrate nature and its vibrant forms. 

10. Alice William - Alice William is an amazing artist from West Bengal. Despite having multiple disabilities including hearing and visual impairment, her talent and spirit inspire all. She was recently featured on the cover of a regional magazine. Visit Studio Pepperfry Parkstreet to see Alice’s artistic action. 

These star artists added a touch of colour and vibrancy to Pepperfry stores across the country. Each of them had a different meaning of Freedom and showcased the same in their respective artworks. 

Don’t miss out on this spectacular opportunity to see artists interpreting their tribute to the Indian Republic! Visit the Pepperfry store to witness inclusivity and stellar art! You can also look at Artworks made by Artists with Disabilities at the online pepperfry store here.

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